Family time reinvented

with apps designed to connect long-distance families

Family Time App: never miss a moment
Enjoy eating together, playing chess or story time, all during video calls with your loved ones.

More family for Skype video calls
Quality Time Reader for Skype
A great EduTech tool designed to read Books. Drag and drop a PDF file to start sharing it. Meet your favorite author for a reading session. And it is free for a limited time!
Can I Play With Your Phone?
A new phenomenon has emerged - the "pass-back effect" -
where parents hand smartphones, like the iPhone, to their young kids. Report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center is an independent, non-profit research group that is fostering innovation in children's learning through digital media
Children TV: kids safe videos Now you can, with Quality Time for smartphones. All content is curated and age-appropriate with no adult ads or in-app purchases
Quality Time for G+ Hangouts

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About Us Guided by a simple philosophy, "technology to improve people's lives",
Quality Time Lab is committed to develop innovative products that bring people together.

Touchscreen devices are
natural interfaces for kids.
New safe and fun digital toys.

"Children learn by using their hands"- Montesory
"Creativity is as important
in education as literacy"
- Sir Ken Robinson

Free play sparks kids' imagination,
with gender neutral activities to

share and connect with loved ones
and inspire big dreams.

Expertise Designed by experts, tested by kids and approved by moms and dads. We live apart more than ever and use technology to stay in touch.
Living Apart % of children under 18
  • Living apart from father
  • Living apart from mother
Family contact methods
  • Local
  • Long distance
People using video calls
We noticed it was not easy for our
kids to focus on family video-calls
Most of our friends had the same
problem, so we decided to find a solution
We published a book about
engaging families via video calls
Buy the book on Amazon.com
Technology is bringing people together around new forms of joint media engagement. We make it more fun and educational
Safe for children “Quality over Quantity”

All content is child friendly, safe
and curated by a team of educators

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